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A unique artwork suited to the present era, when nurses and medical personnel hold a higher profile than ever before, and must be respected and obeyed...

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Koryo Studio

Koryo Studio is the first gallery outside North Korea to commission, exhibit and sell work by revered artists from the DPRK. You can buy on-line, discuss the projects with director Nicholas Bonner, or visit our Studio in Beijing.

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Koryo ABC

We believe passionately in engagement. We thrive on exchanging ideas and launching projects to give people the opportunities that interaction brings and are all designed to take small steps towards better engagement.

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Koryo Studio

Koryo Studio is the cultural section of Koryo Tours the leading travel company to North Korea. The Studio focuses on collaborative cultural projects in North Korea. Projects such as film, art, photography, books and tours – all developed through the knowledge and expertise accumulated since we first started exploring the country in 1993.

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Koryo Studio

Specialists in North Korean art since 1993

Artworks for purchase

Our commissions to DPRK artists and projects with international photographers



Discover Koryo Studio’s collection with private and public organisations




Discover our award-winning documentaries to our pioneering cross-border collaborations, and much more



Koryo Studio’s best-selling books about North Korean art and design



The Koryo Collection consist of more than 3,000 pieces
of art work and graphic images.
These works are available for exhibition and academic study.
The works are not for sale.




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