Koryo Studio Collection
Propaganda Poster

The Koryo Studio propaganda poster collection includes various subject matter from the 1950s to the present.

The collection includes original gouache and acrylic artwork (studio and competition pieces) as well as printed propaganda posters.

What are North Korean Propaganda Posters?
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The Koryo Studio propaganda poster collection is not for sale.

We have been working in and around North Korea for the past 30+ years and from our visits have built up the biggest collection of North Korean art outside the country. For the Koryo Studio collection, we lend art out for exhibitions and academic purposes only.

We do, however, have a wide range of propaganda poster prints for purchase. This includes full translations, as well as background information on the piece. Due to interest and demand from visitors who travelled with us via Koryo Tours, we produced hand-painted copies of existing posters.

We also have a collection of Koryo Studio original commissions from North Korean artists. These are for sale (limited edition). Since 1993, we have worked with North Korean artists on various projects which we hope allow them to express themselves in a more nuanced way than the limits imposed on them by their DPRK studio. Where possible, we work directly and in a private capacity with the artist.

Further Works from the Koryo Studio Collection