Comrade Kim goes Flying

North Korea’s first “girl power” movie

Comrade Kim goes Flying tells a story of a girl reaching for her own dream and carving out her own future.

Comrade Kim goes Flying
Comrade Kim Goes Flying Poster
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Comrade Kim Yong Mi is a North Korean coal miner. Her dream of becoming a trapeze artist is crushed by the arrogant trapeze star Pak Jang Phil who believes miners belong underground and not in the air.

Comrade Kim goes Flying is a heartwarming story of trying to make the impossible possible.



Comrade Kim Yong Mi is a 28 year-old coal miner who lives with her father and grandmother in a small village in the North Korean countryside. When she was young her Mother supported her dream to become an acrobat but when her mother died, her father wanted her to concentrate on her work in the coalmine and forget her childish dreams of flying. However, her love for acrobats never goes away and when she travels to Pyongyang to work for a year at the Construction Site the first thing she visits is the circus.

Backstage, she meets her heroine the famous trapeze artist Ri Su Yon who encourages her to go for an audition. It is like a dream come true but at the audition Yong Mi finds she cannot cope with the height of the trapeze and falls. She is mocked by Pak Jang Phil, the handsome, arrogant trapeze star. Groomed since childhood for stardom by an overbearing mother, he insults her and tells her that miners belong underground, not in the air.

Technical Information

Running time:
81 minutes


Aspect Ratio:

Sound Mix:
5.1 for DCP


Original version:

Available subtitles:

World Premiere:
September 8th 2012

Original music composed by:
Ham Chol & Frederik Van de Moortel

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Shooting Comrade Kim Goes Flying
Shooting Comrade Kim Goes Flying
Shooting Comrade Kim Goes Flying
Shooting Comrade Kim Goes Flying

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