North Korean Art Originals

Koryo Studio original commissions

Here you will find North Korean art originals, alongside limited edition linocuts. These works are rare and collectible. Since 1993 we have worked with North Korean artists on various projects which we hope allow them to express themselves in a more nuanced way than the limits imposed on them by their DPRK studio. Where possible, we work directly and in a private capacity with the artist.

North Korean Art Originals

Koryo Studio’s collection of Korean art originals include single artwork commissions as well as series of artworks. Single commissions include Silence and Tourist Map of Pyongyang. We also have a variety of series of artworks, including The Spiritual Core of Korea; a series depicting iconic roles of women in North Korean society, as well as The Art of Cinema, showing the role of cinema in North Korean society.

Original artworks cover a variety of topics and themes. This spans from women in work to comic book heroes. Art medium includes original hand-painted posters, linocuts, and limited edition prints.

We work with a variety of talented artists from North Korea. Artists often do multiple commissions or multiple works in a series for Koryo Studio.

Prices start from €120.

Below you can browse different art commissions by Koryo Studio in North Korea. They range in price, theme, and medium.

You can enquire about the artwork by emailing us. Artworks can be posted worldwide and come with the Koryo Studio stamp for authenticity.

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