The Traffic Lady

High Quality North Korean Art of Pyongyang Traffic Ladies

The artwork is based on the graphic instructions on educational posters for Pyongyang Traffic Ladies and depict the women in their various uniform. The artwork was commissioned in 2001 and we have decided to release a small number of prints for 2021.

The original artwork was commissioned in 2001 and the print is released 2021. The print is on museum quality paper using a Giclée Epson printer, the size is 56x 56cm (includes 2.5 cm white border).

The edition is limited to 100 prints, each print individually numbered in pencil. The print is embossed with the Koryo Studio seal.

There are many requirements for this highly coveted position. The women are mostly single, attractive, and tall. They usually start their career after leaving school at 17. However, their job is more than standing straight and being gawked at by tourists; their perfectly choreographed traffic dances involve high levels of concentration and discipline, as well as vigorous training. In the past there were around 50 posts around major crossroads in Pyongyang, however their position is now on the decline due to the introduction of traffic lights and replacement by male traffic police. This artwork was commissioned tweny year ago in 2001 and was intended to celebrate their position and iconic status among locals and visitors to Pyongyang. A glimse of the feature film based on their lives and their day to day work can be seen here

Traffic Officer, North Korean Painting


Traffic Officer, North Korean Painting


Traffic Officer, North Korean Painting



Printing Giclee fine-art prints

We  have a limited edition of 100 pieces available for sale at just 160 euros (plus 25e for world-wide postage and packaging).12 hand painted pieces from 2001 are prices at 800 euro.

TO ORDER your copy contact

+++Due to the coronavirus there are certain countries that China Post cannot currently deliver to. If your country is on the list we will inform you (we will know when we post). The options are to wait until normal service is resumed or pay for EMS courier which would be an additional 35 euro. If the delivery fails to arrive we will refund the full cost of the artwork but cannot cover postage costs.+++

Artworks featured in Commissions are available for sale. Please inquire with us about availability.

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