North Korean Art Prints

Koryo Studio fine-art prints

Koryo Studio uses a specialist art printer to print all North Korean art prints. The original artwork is flatbed scanned at high resolution. Individual prints are produced on an Epson giclée printer. The paper is museum-quality 240 gsm white matt Hahnemühle paper. Our editions are limited and marked by signature or embossed stamps.

North Korean Art Prints


Koryo Studio commission prints including both single commissions and series. For example, The Beautiful Future is a series of prints in collaboration with North Korean artists showing China through the eyes of North Koreans. And The Traffic Lady is a single artwork depicting the well-known North Korean female traffic officer. Within this piece, each outfit represents the four seasons, as well as the different hand signals. In turn, showing the difficulties and intricacies of life as a North Korean traffic lady.

Our North Korean Film Studio prints offer a glimpse into the world of DPRK film. Over the years, artists from the film studio were instructed to paint advertisements and hoardings to make the sets look realistic. Therefore, the artists aimed to create a North Korean view of foreign street scenes at the studio. For instance, a print showing a Japanese waitress carrying in sake at a bar on the ‘Japanese Street’, or a beauty salon in the ‘South Korea’ street. Koryo Studio commissioned the artwork of these original posters as a limited edition or hand-painted posters. These prints are limited edition at 20 prints only.

Koryo Studio prints DPRK art prints on high-quality museum-standard paper to ensure the clearest and highest standard of printing.

Prices start from €120.