June 2021

North Korea in the World Cup; The 55th Anniversary of the Greatest Shock in World Cup History

Two prints to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of North Korea’s Success in the World Cup

North Korea in the World Cup Story

19th July 2021 marks the 55th anniversary of North Korea in the World Cup with the national football team pulling off what has been accurately described as ‘the greatest shock in World Cup history’.

They beat perennial powerhouse Italy 1-0 in the group stage of the 8th World Cup. The match was at Ayresome Park football stadium in Middlesbrough, UK. Consequentially, the North Korean team to Liverpool to the quarter-finals… After that, unfortunately, Portugal beat them 3-5.

North Korea in the World Cup 55th Anniversary Special Offer

To celebrate the anniversary of this match, Koryo Studio and VMS Productions have uploaded a re-mastered version of the award-winning film The Game of Their Lives.

This is a documentary telling the story of the team’s remarkable journey from Pyongyang to England, and on to their place in footballing history. It won ‘Best Sports Documentary‘ at the Royal Television Society.

Watch the Trailer here.

“The police were there to make sure no-one came onto the pitch. This showed how much the English people loved us especially those from Middlesbrough. It still remains a riddle to me the people of Middlesbrough supported us all the way through. I still don’t know the reason why.”

North Korea in the World Cup; Limited Edition Photographs

We are offering the chance to buy a limited edition copy of one of the following two photographs. These photographs were part of the material from the making of The Game of Their Lives documentary in 2002.

Meet the Players

Pak Sung Jin

Pak Sung Jin kept the team in the competition by scoring against Chile in the last minute.

Pak Do Ik

Pak Do Ik is the scorer of the goal that forever scarred Italian football. So much so that if there is a disaster in Italian football they refer to it as an ‘un altro Corea’ (another Korea).

Photograph Details

Limited Edition: 55 prints
Medium: Matt Paper
Size: 33.7 x 27.8 cm
Cost: 80 EUR

The photographs are limited edition; with 55 prints of each image only.

Images are printed on Matt paper. The size is 33.7 x 27.8 cm with a 2 cm framing border.

Individual photographs are 80 EUR. They come sealed with a Koryo Studio stamp and certificate of authenticity. Postage is 20 EUR worldwide.

Pak Sung Chol north korea in the world cup
Pak Do Ik
Pak Sung Chol north korea in the world cup

PHOTOGRAPH: Pak Sung Jin taken from the cover of the DPRK periodical ‘Fatherland’ (October 1966). Size; 33.7 x 28.6 including 2 cm white border printed on hahnemühle matt paper.

“I was Number 8 in the 1966 World Cup. My name is Pak Sung Jin. I started playing when I was young. A football team played next to my house. This inspired me to play.” Pak Sung Jin

“Pak Sung Jin was very fit and had especially strong legs. He tied elastic string round them and stretched his legs. He did this every day, a thousand times each leg.” Elastic String

Pak Do Ik

PHOTOGRAPH: Pak Do Ik. Size; 33.7 x 27.8 cms including 2 cm white border printed on hahnemühle matt paper.

Football Is Not Only About Winning

“Right after the war, I worked in a print factory as a labourer. While I was labouring, I started playing football. In 1957, I was selected to play for the Pyongyang team. That was when I turned professional. I was already 20 years old. In 1959, I was selected for the National Squad.”

“The English people took us to their hearts and vice versa. I learned that football is not only about the winning. Wherever we go playing football can improve diplomatic relations and promote peace.” Pak Do Ik

We now have a limited edition of 55 signed copies available for sale at just 80 EUR (plus 20 EUR for worldwide postage and packaging).

Order a copy by contacting info@koryostudio.com. Alternatively, click on “Purchase” below.

Watch the full trailer for The Game of Their Lives (including link to full documentary).

Read about the making of this fascinating documentary here.