Koryo Studio presents a unique artwork particularly suited to the present era, when nurses and medical personnel hold a higher profile than ever before, and must be respected and obeyed.

Also, the demand for silence can be seen as one for secrecy and to keep certain things hidden or unsaid. Of course, as with any artwork, various meanings can be read into it, and this ambiguity mixed with a direct instruction was what intrigued us when we first came across the original piece in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.

Each print is approximately A3 size (42 x 29.5cm with a 2 cm white border). Ten original hand painted versions (84.5 x 63 cm paper size) are also available

This image, commissioned by Koryo Studio, is based on the ‘SILENCE’ sign found on display in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, and was painted in 2012. The North Korean artist we commissioned could not put his name to it as it was a copy of another artist’s work. We could not track down the original artist- likely to have come from the graphics department responsible for propaganda work and performance charts at the hospital.

This work was painted with a banner along the bottom, similar to a propaganda poster, which is intended as a simple instruction; forceful and precise, but at the same time with an alluring quality because of the inherent beauty and authority of the nurse, and the soft way she is signaling for silence.

The nurse is wearing a badge statingjong song (‘with care’), an apt metaphor for these complex times!

The Printing Process:

Using a specialist art printers the original gouache poster is flat bed scanned at high resolution. Individual prints are produced on a state of the art Epson giclée printer. The paper is 240 gsm white matt Hahnemühle paper. Each print is approximately (56 x 56 cm which includes a 2.5cm white border)


Artworks featured in Commissions are available for sale. Please inquire with us about availability.

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